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Rea​dings (Zoom and Phone) 

Psychic Medium (connecting to those who have crossed over)

General Readings - Focused Information based on your questions


45 minutes -$110.00

30 minutes - $85.00

15 minutes-$50.00 (for 1 issue/phone only)

Life Purpose Coaching  

Follow the purpose of your soul. Sessions are personalized to your needs and goals. These sessions are aimed at helping you uncover your life purpose and provide you with suggestions on how to get there! 

Intuitive Relationship Coaching 

Practical AND intuitive information to assist you in developing better relationships. Great for couples, parent/child, siblings and other relationships. 

Purpose Life Coaching Rates: 

PRE-WORK is required for the initial session. Please contact me after you book. This must be completed prior to the session. 

$100.00 for 90 minute session (This is for your initial session)

$70.00 for each 60 minute session

* These sessions can be done by phone if you so desire.

Intuitive Relationship Coaching Rates: 

$150.00 for 1 hour- per couple (in person only)

Other Services:

House Clearings/Blessings, Class Facilitation, Customized Crystal Cocktails, and Consults

House Clearings/Blessings: $160.00 for a standard sized home/location. A larger home (over 2,500 square feet) may incur additional fees.

I offer this service to home owners and businesses. Realtors and home owners that want to sell their homes can benefit from this services as well. Clearing the energy in a home can help a potential buyer feel welcome in the space.                              

Mileage/Travel is included in this fee. Additional fee of $25.00 applies if you would like this service after standard hours. This rate applies to the Metro Atlanta area. If you are outside the metro area other costs may be incurred. CONTACT ME DIRECTLY TO SCHEDULE. 

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