Product Line

Cleer-X Smudge Spray - $12.00 (#1 Seller!)

This is a portable clearing/protection spray that can be used when you can't burn sage or don't want too! This is a very personal recipe that I have been using for years. I am now selling it after numerous clients entering my space saying "Wow! it feels good in here!"

Auric Cleansing Bath Salts - $10.00

Salt is known for ridding the body of impurities. This special blend is made in small batches and infused with loving energy to assist you with you in feeling your best!

Auric Cleansing Soap - $7.00

This goats milk soap is made with ground sage, lavender oil, sea salt and almond oil to help you clear unwanted energy. Your skin will love the goats milk while your spirit loves the rest!

All items are sold at my office at The Magical Muses Metaphysical Center. Subject to supply availability.

I have other items at my office such sage and a limited amount of specific crystals. I also have a small lending library of books that I highly recommend. You are welcome to borrow these books at no charge (just please bring them back!) Please feel free to take a look when you stop by for an appointment.